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If your health concerns are putting you in immediate danger, go to the emergency room (ER) or call 911. If you aren’t sure whether your symptoms require a family doctor, urgent care clinic, or the ER, phone health services at 811.

4 Unique Traits of Peninsula Medical

Team based care provides timely access to health care for our patients.

An in-house pharmacist provides regular medication reviews and consults with your GP. Contact us to see if you qualify for a free review.

All our General Practitioners cover rotations at Saanich Peninsula Hospital, providing you with continuity of care.

We are community owned and operated right here on the Saanich Peninsula.





About the Society

We are owned and operated by a charitable non-profit called “The Saanich Peninsula Primary Health Care Society”. The priority of the society is to implement the full vision of a team based primary care healthcare network of centres on the Saanich Peninsula.



In short – you, the community. We are owned and operated by a charitable organization called the Saanich Peninsula Primary Health Care Society. The priority of the society is to implement the full vision of a network of primary health clinics. See our society page for more information.

If you are assigned to one of our team of family physicians, he/she will be your Most Responsible Provider (MRP) for health care needs. However, you will not necessarily see your MRP on every visit to the clinic. The good news is that your health care will not have to match with your physician’s availability, thereby increasing your access to care when you need it. Our team of doctors is connected through Electronic Medical Records accessed in every patient room, and your charts are maintained with the assistance of our team of professionals.

To promote continuity of care, each of our family physicians actively supports the Saanich Peninsula Hospital. The good news is, if you are at any time admitted to the local hospital, you will be seen by a member of the Peninsula Medical team. It also means that your physician is on a rotation to be away from the clinic one in seven weeks. During your family doctor’s hospital rotation, he/she will be covered by the other team doctors and/or a locum.

If you live on the Saanich Peninsula in our catchment area and do not currently have a family doctor, please check peninsulamed.ca/about to see if we are open for New Patient Intake. Until then, the best option is for you to consistently use the Walk In Clinic for your health care needs. Although you won’t have an MRP (Most Responsible Physician), you will have the benefit of your medical chart, lab work and past visits being available to the physician you see through our Electronic Medical Record system.