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Welcome to Peninsula Medical


Peninsula Medical provides the Saanich Peninsula community with a range of primary health care and health promotion services, delivered by a team of health care professionals providing wraparound care with continuity between clinic, hospital and home-based care.

We are committed to health education for both patients and health care professionals to improve health care and inspire health promotion. The team-based model encourages collaboration between doctors, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, and dieticians—which in turn provides better care for our patients, with the added benefit of allowing a work-life balance for our team of professionals.


We have a team of local physicians (in addition to our own GPs) who operate the Peninsula Medical Walk In Clinic year round. We are open to everyone in the community. If you don’t have a family doctor we recommend you attach yourself to one Walk In Clinic to use for your medical care. At Peninsula Medical, all Walk In patient records are stored in our electronic medical charts, providing each physician you see with your medical history. Our Walk In Clinic is equipped to provide urgent medical care and treatment for patients of all ages.

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Our Goals

Our mandate is to provide primary health care to the community living on the Saanich Peninsula, with family physicians, immediate care through our Walk In Clinic, and physician support of the Saanich Peninsula Hospital.

Integrate a registered nurse into
the clinic team to work closely
with each of the doctors in
patient care

Improve access to care by
extending hours of the Walk In
Clinic to include weekends
and evenings

Attract more doctors to our area
so we can meet the needs of the
community members who do not
have a family physician

Work with health care partners
to find a way to include a
nurse practitioner on the team

Add a total of 3,000 patients by
the end of 2017


Our long-term vision is to
open a network of primary
Health Care Centres on the
Saanich Peninsula

New Patient Intake Is Closed

(we are at capacity at this time)

Please check back as we will announce here when we are accepting new patients again. Thank you!



We are a team-based primary Health Care Clinic with a mandate to assist in increasing access to health care and improving the quality of health care for our community on the Saanich Peninsula. The physicians in this office practice in a team-based care model that encourages collaboration between physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, and dieticians.

In short – you, the community. We are owned and operated by a charitable organization called the Saanich Peninsula Primary Health Care Society. The priority of the society is to implement the full vision of a network of primary health clinics as described above.

If you are assigned to one of our team of family physicians, he/she will be your Most Responsible Provider (MRP) for health care needs. However, you will not necessarily see your MRP on every visit to the clinic. The good news is that your health care will not have to match with your physician’s availability, thereby increasing your access to care when you need it. Our team of doctors is connected through Electronic Medical Records accessed in every patient room, and your charts are maintained with the assistance of our team of professionals.

Most medical visits are covered by Medical Services Plan of BC, so if you are registered for MSP then you will not be charged for a medical visit. There are some services which MSP BC does not cover and these “uninsured” services require payment from the patient (or the patient’s Extended Health Insurance company). For a complete list of services not covered by MSP, Click Here. A patient who does not have valid MSP BC coverage will have to pay for their doctor’s visit.

To promote continuity of care each of our family physicians actively supports the Saanich Peninsula Hospital. The good news is, if you are at any time admitted to the local hospital, you will be seen by a member of the Peninsula Medical team. It also means that your physician is on a rotation to be away from the clinic one in seven weeks. During your family doctor’s hospital rotation, he/she will be covered by the other team doctors and/or a locum.

If you live on the Saanich Peninsula in our catchment area and do not currently have a family doctor, please check our website peninsulamed.ca/about to see if we are open for New Patient Intake. Until then, the best option is for you to consistently use the Walk In Clinic for your health care needs. Although you won’t have an MRP (Most Responsible Physician), you will have the benefit of your medical chart, lab work and past visits being available to the physician you see through our Electronic Medical Record system.

Peninsula Medical is committed to being a Teaching Centre for rural family practice residents. We do this in two ways by taking a resident under our wings in practice to work through their residency and by partnering with Saanich Peninsula Hospital in providing rural electives. In both cases, the medical trainee is under the guidance and mentorship of our team of physicians for all direct patient interactions. Our teaching program is beneficial in recruiting future physicians to the Saanich Peninsula.